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Today I take S for her dental checkup.
Last check up in aug she still had all her baby teeth and now she lost 2 and get 2 permanent teeth
She whine on the way; I ask “tell me one thing that you don’t like when you go to see dr. Y." “Nothing. But I just don’t want to go." She says. But when we arrive, she is very brave. I’m so proud of her answering the staff’s questions, following the instruction when it’s time to do exam/ 1st dental cleaning/ 1st x ray. It’s exciting and fun for me to see through x ray that her permanent teeth waiting under her gum. Doc says her teeth and gum are healthy (thanks to good brushing habit.) only thing is her teeth are tight which may become overcrowded when her big teeth come, but that can be evaluated when the front teeth are all out, around age of 8.
She is happy to get a wand and pink brush and pink floss when we leave. 🙂
As for NN, he woke up at 3 am and 6am this morning. Hubby said “my roommate was a little noisy." 😛

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如果我是用英文打網誌就表示我在用手機寫. =P

I didn’t have enough sleep last night- was not able to fall asleep first; and when I finally did, NN woke up crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep. So I had to change his diaper and nursed him. We suspect that he is teething but don’t see anything in the gum yet.

Even that, today is a relatively good day for me. Plus the weather is gorgeous. I by chance visit the web page of my previous job and find lots of people that I worked with have left. I am not good with keeping touch with people so I make myself calling some of them. It’s really nice to talk to people that I used to work with daily. Everyone has new adventures in their personal/work life, with changes good and bad. It gives me perspective that even I have some problems at work, other people have theirs too. Plus, I am still very thankful to learn a lot from this experience.
With this year’s Oscar, I am inspired by Ang Lee never limit himself and accomplishes his achievements by doing what he loves to do. I also admire Ben Affleck’s acceptance speech.

“You can’t hold grudges. It’s hard but you can’t hold grudges. And it doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life because that’s going to happen. All that matters is you gotta get up."

I will work hard. =)

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I love wearing Hunter boots on a rainy day. Even though they are heavy and hard to take off, my feet just feel so secure in the boots, knowing they are safe from wetness. :p
I finally figure out a rainy day outfit that doesn’t make me feel like chunky- dark cashmere sweater with Uniqlo heat tech under, same color tone denim, with a printed we are owls cashmere scarf. Wearing Hunters, don’t forget their cute socks!


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Even I don’t care for Valentine’s Day, I am very grateful to have lunch with my valentine. We tried Gogi, a fast food operating style like Chipotle that you order your meal and choose the type/meat/side along the line, except it’s Korean. We both like it. It’s clean, simple with reasonable price.



After lunch, we grabbed drinks from peets coffee with buy 1 get 1 free coupon. And then we stopped by nn’s school to see him (didn’t go check out sister because she would cry when we leave XD)
At work it is challenging with pressure, but I am thankful for the learning opportunities and the chance to bound with my coworkers. I’m thankful hubby is a great mentor as he has always been.
Like sister said, valentines day is a day to remind us to be kind to each other. 🙂

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老師從上個月就說弟弟很努力地練習翻身, 牛牛在家有時會"訓練他", 就是扶著讓他轉身, 他也很熟練了.

今天早上弟弟在小床上踢踢踢, 我正在換衣服, 突然小幫浦大叫 “弟弟翻身了!" 一回頭看到原本仰著的他, 變成趴著了. 讓他再試一次, 他努力了一下又做了一次. 印象中小幫浦是先會從趴變仰著(比較簡單, 因為手可以撐著床幫助身體往後仰), 所以我把他翻過來, 果然,  他試了一下, 也成功了 =D

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喜歡除夕大年初一剛好碰到週末, 有放年假的幻覺. 今年除夕是星期六, 早上應小姐要求吃貝果去Kean Coffee, 牛牛跳脫摩卡點了個綠茶拿鐵(太甜了). Cream Pan買麵包/吐司; Cream Pan現在受歡迎到每次去都要排上十幾分鐘的隊, 對我們真是大考驗, 所以每次都買多多看能不能撐到至少不需要每周末都跑. Well, good for them. 這次是我排隊, 小朋友們跟爸爸在車上等, 弟弟還睡了個小覺, 也算不錯. 之後到Sports Chalet給只有一雙鞋的牛牛買雙新鞋; 腳上那雙已經穿了兩年多, 底都磨平了.

下午午覺醒來拎著17 Cafe到Clare家和小小豬家過年. 牛牛姐姐下了課跟我們碰面.

大年初一到牛牛姐姐家走春, 也是弟弟出生後第一次到姑姑家 (在媽媽肚子裡時候常來). 中午我帶小幫浦參加小朋友生日趴.

我真是太懶惰了, 農曆年都沒想到要給小幫浦班上弄些甚麼. 前年有Clare和越南媽咪, 去年有Grace, 今年只有我們就一整個散掉了. 就連弟弟教室有貼春聯我都無動於衷….謝謝老師主動提, 問我們能不能過來給小朋友說故事或做活動. 所以星期二(年初三)我跟牛牛到學校, 我念十二生肖的故事, 牛牛念Tikki Tikki Tembo.

小朋友好乖, 好熱情參與, 也謝謝老師維持場面, 能平順地念完故事. 本來想stop by弟弟學校念點故事, 結果弟弟在午睡. 我們倒是偷看了一下睡覺的弟弟, 看著他和其他被包著整整齊齊的小朋友, 好可愛.




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Last night I was telling NN that it is important that both of us get a good night sleep so we both can have more energy and spend quality time together (because he woke up at 4:30am that day), and he slept from 10pm to 7:30am.

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