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N’s new words

Chu-CHU (big truck=train)

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I admit, I wasn’t in the mood of celebrating my birthday this year. I found myself growing up a lot these past months and felt the mortality of our body so real. I know we have to accept the reality, but sometimes I just want things to go back to the way they were. I miss the time that there’s no “real" problem in my life.
On a bright side, I learn to appreciate the things I have and cherish every moment I have with love ones.
Hubby is on business trip this week. Sis in law has been helping. The kids are sweet. N likes to climb to my chair, stand behind my back, and wait me to feed him some of my food. He learns to say mama to others while padding me, like he’s proud to know I’m his mom. He learns to say gugu (“auntie" in Chinese), although it sounds like gaga (also the pronunciation when he tries to say cracker.) when we return home, if Auntie is not back yet, he’d point at the spot she usually parks and says with a concern face “gaga!"
S is a loving sister. Sometimes she can create more chaos when we try to take care N, but most of the time she is very helpful. She’d comfort N, fetch stuff for me, or even prepare food for N from her own plate (like tonight.) so my special celebration for birthday today is taking her to revolving sushi and have ice cream after. I love enjoying food with her.
Kids are asleep now. I’m so grateful to have them and Hubby as well.
What prompt me to this post? When I was just getting my passport, in the same bag, I noticed the addresses on my birth certificate. I googled the address of the hospital I was born- the building was recently sold to an Asian-based investor group and will be converted into apartments. The google map shows the apartment where my parents lived, the building was built in 1940. The Obgyn passed away in 2007 at age 76. I am again fascinated again by the time. A nice discovery of the whereabouts for the beginnings of my life.
Happy birthday to me, and many more.

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上星期日去小幫浦的朋友家辦的復活節撿蛋, 小幫浦站在旁邊, 撿蛋開始時與其跟著ㄧ堆小朋友往中間蛋最多的地方衝, 她往旁邊沒有人但有蛋的地方. 撿一撿覺得滿足了就說, “I’m done." 收工往回走. =)

牛牛出差, 小幫浦最愛的大玩伴姑姑來家裡住, 開心得不得了, 跟姑姑晚上睡榻榻米房間.

很懂事, 平常爸爸在做的事情, 她會告訴我或姑姑要怎麼做.

弟弟大概習慣坐霸霸的車, 對我的小車很抗拒. 姊姊會在一旁試著分散他的注意力. 雖然一旦綁安全帶在路上他都很乖


撿蛋那天被排在四歲以下的寶寶組, 牛牛陪著. 一開始時當小朋友都往前衝, 他站在原地看著大家, 覺得好像可以撿了, 就出去慢條斯理地撿了四顆蛋回來.

因為在學校吃完東西, 老師會要他們拿著盤子把剩下的菜渣倒進垃圾桶, 在家裡他一吃飽也是理所當然地想拿盤子把剩下的東西往垃圾桶裡丟. 但有時候他剩的比較多, 我想剩下的我可以吃, 急忙地跟他說, 沒關係不要丟. 他一副困惑的樣子. 真是不好意思, 媽媽把你搞糊塗啦 XD

今天早上要帶他出門, 我去拿自己的便當, 其實就是周末剩下的壽司. 弟弟好奇地要我打開, 打開之後就坐好一副要吃的樣子 , 我只能把食物熱一熱奉上. 不過他主要吃的是飯, 媽媽, 理所當然地, 又是撿剩下的吃. =P

通常牛牛都會放Pandora的兒歌, 弟弟現在聽到音樂會一直說, “go!"表示要聽Frozen 的Let it Go. 還會拿著iphone跟著音樂跳舞. 聽到兒歌"no more monkey jumping on the bed" 會拿出食指甩, 應該是學校唱歌時學的吧. 印象中小幫浦也會. =)

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我來新部門上班滿半年了, 這陣子陸續和之前的同事吃飯聊到工作近況, 感覺自己做了正確的決定. 做的工作性質是五年前做的事情, 因為走過一遭, 所以做起來有新的角度跟方法, 做起來得心應手. 共事的同事合作起來得心應手. 大家能互相支援, 再加上上司的體諒, 讓我有時因為參加小朋友的活動, 小朋友生病需要請假, 要回台灣看爸爸媽媽也能放心.


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好久沒寫感恩文了, 中午參加Caregiver workshop提到caregiver 要照顧自己的健康, 想要再開始這好習慣, 練習mindfulness

早上去小幫浦學校當義工, 分組作業的時候看到小幫浦在教一個轉學生如何寫字. 我很感恩有個貼心善良的女兒. 也很感恩上司讓我能夠抽空到學校幫忙.

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3/24/14 弟弟這周末在測試我們的極限. 玩玩具摔玩具, 吃飽了把食物丟地上還笑咪咪看著我




聽到Let It Go, 會興奮地說 “Go!" 聽完會說, “more!"

前一天晚上我把眼鏡隨手放在床邊, 早上找不到. 戴了另一副.  準備刷牙洗臉時聽到弟弟呼喚的聲音, 看到坐在我們的床上坐在拿著我的眼鏡急著要拿給我.

在準備的時候弟弟跑去玩, 姊姊叫著 “who is watching N?" 沒多久弟弟急急忙忙地跑過來, 要我跟過去, 然後急切有大事地指給我看他的好事- 把ikea的捲紙拉出來….等媽媽收拾善後. XD


像個小媽媽一樣, 比我溫柔多了, 呵護著他, 說 “do you want to listen more ‘go’?"

喜歡學小大人說話, 口氣很誇張, 好像懂很多其實還是個孩子.


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