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Just had the energy drink for the first time. Man, it’s strong. Or I’m too vulnerable with caffeine. :p (繼續閱讀…)

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星期日下午我真的很想午睡, 尤其想到四點等小幫浦午睡起來時我要帶她跟小朋友游泳, 她要求我跟她一起下水, 真覺得應該瞇一瞇眼睛. 牛牛也在睡了. 不過我們家的小胖胖(=弟弟)精神可好. 在我身上翻來翻去, 一邊把我的眼鏡遞給我一邊說 “come!" 要我看著他玩. 半昏沉的我想睡覺,

念頭一轉, 想到我好幸運, 能夠現在和弟弟有一對一的親子時間, 等下又可以和小幫浦有親子時間. 我的精神開始振奮. 看著弟弟玩, 陪弟弟念書, 我們去院子裡騎scooter, 他在沙發上跳來跳去, 蹦到我身上讓我又親又吻. 好幸福. =)

Nowadays, when N senses that I’m annoyed (I.e. He pulled out lots of dental floss and made a mess), he’d get in my face and keep saying “hi! Hi!" To test if I’m mad.

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It always amazes me what I can find in my bag. I just cleaned it 2 weeks ago….

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M: 有弟弟是甚麼感覺? (how does it feel to have a little brother?)

S: good. but sometimes annoying.

M: 恩, 媽咪沒有哥哥姊姊或弟弟妹妹. 爺爺婆婆只有媽咪一個小孩, 所以我不知道那是甚麼感覺. (Mommy doesn’t have brother or sister, so I never know what how it feels.)

S: it’s good. but sometimes I have to share; it’s annoyting.

M: 對齁, 媽咪小時候玩具都是自己的, 所以我都不用share. 可是我的朋友來的時候婆婆要我share玩具, 我都會不高興, 還會哭. (I always had the toys to myself. When my friends came over, Grandma always said I need to share, and I didn’t like to share.)

S: Sometimes when I play Polly pocket, I don’t like to share..

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