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9/18/16 Day 31: 今天算了一下發現已經到第31天了. plurk 104未讀訊息. FB 19個未讀update. 除了一個十一月的family reunion的消息外, 其他的似乎都還好.

這三十天雖然沒有像我想像得, 變得多有效率或完成甚麼大project, 但我是感覺到比較少被分心(雖然偶爾會漫無目標地上網 XD), 情緒不會被一些時事或朋友轉貼的文章給牽動和影響, 也聽了許多牛牛分享和我自己喜歡的podcast. 另外,看了HBO Girls的前兩季, 以及和牛牛一起看完夏季日劇 “房仲女王."

我不認為自己是個追熱潮的人, 但上社群網站看到朋友玩過去過吃過的地方或做過有趣的事情,多少會有FOMO (fear of missing out)的心態, 想跟著湊熱鬧。這三十天沒有fb/ plurk/ instangram, 這樣的感覺明顯變少了, 想去哪裡或想做甚麼, 多是發於自己或是小孩要求的, 然後做的時候照相純粹是為了留給自己紀念與將來的回憶, 而不是貼文.

我還在尋找如何有效利用social media和make a positive impact in the world. 但在找到之前, 我會試著維持一個月上一次社交網站(fb/ instangram/ plurk)而不是總是plug in. 🙂

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John Williams: Maestro of the Movies at Hollywood Bowl

the experience:

  1. I thought this is John Williams’s show, but it turned out the first half was conducted by David Newman. Still great, just different than I thought. As I chatted with a girl who has been to this concert the 3rd time, it turned out that this has been always the case- someone open the show for John Williams.
  2. I thought he would play all his master pieces, but almost the scores John Williams played were from Star Wars. The whole event was like a Star Wars fan fair, so many people wearing Star Wars t-shirts or dress like Star Wars characters, and the audience uses light sabers like glowing sticks. It’s very cute; just different than I thought. I was happy that he was able to pay his other master piece during encore, which are Harry Potter, Superman, and E.T.
  3. kids behave way better than I thought, especially N. They didn’t complain. N said couple of times that he wanted to go home, but settled. And when necessary (fewer times than I anticipated), he was watching cartoon on ipad with headphones on. When I asked him to take a break after watching for one episode, he put ipad away without any fuss, and was enjoying Force Awaken was performed.
  4. I used to think that going to a concert or game, the experience is to gather with people and sharing the excitement. but this time I went, I wanted to get closer to be able to see the performers on the stage.
  5. We went to Getty Center early that day because our b-day boy wanted to take the tram and eat at Getty Center. We got to Hollywood Bowl around 4 to park at front. It was lots of waiting, but time flies while people watching. 🙂

note to ourselves for future Hollywood Bowl visits:

  1. bring table cloth. lots of picnic tables and areas.
  2. bring ice box (on wheels) to keep the picnic food
  3. if parking at the Hollywood Bowl (it’s better with small children), come early so we can park near front of the stacked parking. The parking lot open 4 hours before the show, we parked near the exit.
  4. with #3, leave early so we can avoid the crowd exiting. also, don’t have to worry about cars with their engines on while making our way to the car.
  5. when the kids are older, maybe we can consider the shuttle service like people on yelp, many of them recommend parking the car by the mall on Highland or LA zoo and taking the shuttle.
  6. there are escalator and stairs, if bringing wheelchairs or strollers, fold it up. Also a reason to leave early, to have ample of time  to maneuver

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