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Notes 3/27/17

ashley graham is my new idol. Nothing is sexier than a woman fully embrace herself and have a great sense of humor.

Reading and watching No Impact Man

Kids love to dance to Moana (although they refuse to watch the movie) and Sing soundtracks. 

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Self love

I learned this term from a YouTuber this week and it hit me- I used to “treat" myself with a new clothes or with a new handbag. I thought I was taking care of myself, but in fact, I was never paying attention to what I need, what my body and mind need. Every time I coveted something, I had a new goal. I reached a goal by acquiring a new item. And then I began my search for the next one. 追求是無止盡的, 因為我總是會找到更新更好的東西, 而且漸漸的,買到想要的東西得到的喜悅也越來越不強烈.

但這一年因為減少社群網站和減少購物, 多了時間給自己和家人, 我發現, 與其說是感覺更快樂,不如說感覺更平靜. 當然生活上還是會有煩惱的事情, 但我學會觀察情緒, 提醒自己"respond, don’t react." 即使當下心浮氣躁,也學著讓自己退後一步,沉澱再出發。這是我過去一直在追求的, 卻是在開始declutter, 接觸minimalism和meditation後才發現自己終於在往那方向前進.

上個月開始試著早上做十分鐘的Headspace meditation, 和十分鐘的瑜珈, 這周再加上晚餐新後十五分鐘的在家走路, 我視為這總加起來不到50分鐘的時間為每天的"self-love." 偶爾給自己買個喜歡的東西是件好事, 但是珍惜自己是每天的事情. 難免我在做瑜珈時有個小男孩想要過山洞, 或是冥想時另一個小孩的鬧鐘響, 我抱著"了勝於無"的心情, 即使是半調子, 還是一定要做。萬事起步難, 一旦開始, 有一天就會達到, 無論有多遠.

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sometimes I think I am too much of an introvert and wonder if I should push myself reaching out more. Then I got an email from an old friend, who is in town for a week. My heart burst with joy as I was replying her email. I told her I’d love to meet with her whenever possible.

This is the feeling that I experience nowadays. When something feels right and a thousand yes is filled up my brain, I can feel my heart smiling.

So that reminds me: I don’t need to have everything in the world. I already have what is important to me in my life.

on a separate subject: at the start of this week, S has been saying that we will wear green on Friday, St. Patrick’s day. Therefore we all wear green today. I thought, we are not Irish, but I bit my tongue not say anything. I enjoy watching her. 🙂

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小幫浦最近都在我房間睡(牛牛陪弟弟在他的房間睡),早上她的鬧鐘6:18響,兩分鐘後我的鬧鐘響。賴床的時間順便做Headspace 十分鐘的meditation。聽到牛牛攪咖啡豆聲音就知道該起床了。起床後到塌塌米房做十分鐘的早晨瑜珈。


牛牛陪小幫浦上學,我在家簡單整理廚房、坐馬桶、舗床(make bed)。弟弟之前會利用這段時間看電視,現在則選擇玩玩具,這樣晚上才能看電視。自己穿衣服(但媽媽需要在場幫忙選衣服)。


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