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While eating ice cream made by sister….

N: I don’t want to go to college

M: that’s ok. What do you want to do?

N: I want to stay home…. I don’t want to grow up.

M: But daddy and mommy will get old.

N: I don’t want to have kids too. I want to be a kid.

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家裡從去年開始只有一台車, 平常都是牛牛在開. 牛牛前幾天出差, 我要開車送弟弟. 上了車, 繫了安全帶, 準備發動, 東看西看. 弟弟問, “what are you looking for?" 我說, “where is the break? I am looking for the break." 弟弟說, “it’s under your foot!" 突然想起是在左腳邊.

覺得自己很好笑, 需要一個四歲的小孩教我開車. XD

之後慢慢倒車, 要關車庫, 車庫怎麼都關不上. 要跑下車拿家裡的備用車庫搖控. 弟弟喃喃說, “maybe driving is not a good idea." ^^;

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