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You asked for having a cat last night. Even Daddy said no. You insisted, maybe you think it’s fun to keep asking while rolling on us and on the bed while we watching Japanese Drama (it was a classic, Long Vacation. Hope you can watch it with us when you are older.) And then we listed the things that you don’t want to do and we never force you, such as Chinese school, piano class, soccer- we just wanted to point out that we don’t force you do the things you don’t want to do so you should not force us to do the things we don’t want to do. I went on to say that you don’t help much with your brother; you did not help to pack his snacks for the past two days, which is fine by me, I know you were in a rush to school. I just want to make a point that when you have a pet, it’s not that you can take care of it only when you have time and energy. The living thing needs your/ our care everyday and Daddy and I don’t want to take care of the pet. Our focus is you two and our own parents.

You went to your bed quietly and would not talk to us until you slept. Maybe you took it as our criticism toward you (Daddy and I did need to work on that; be more sensitive to your growing mind). Maybe you were embarrassed because we were right.

It surprised me when you were still upset after you woke up this morning. When daddy talked to you, you wouldn’t response. I need to accept that you are growing up now. You have your feelings and emotions that are now more complicated.

I know it is hard that you cannot what you want when your friends have what you want. But I can confidently say that you can do all the things that you want even though you don’t have the materials. I can confidently say that Daddy and I spend more time with you and your brother more than the parents who provide more materials to their kids. Maybe it is more obvious to you to see the materials that others have, but for me, I can more about the time and energy we can spend together.

I will learn more patience and wisdom to guide you. And hope one day you will understand.


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