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American grown by Michelle Obama 1/27/19

The power of habit by Charles Duhigg 2/5/19

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown 2/10/19 (can’t stand the robotic voice in the audiobook but I finished the last chapter about parenting. Great chapter.)

Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou

The CHAOS Cure by Marla Cilley 2/19/19 what it change me: 1. start using gentle cycle washing clothes. 2. De clutter linen closet and put N’s books on the empty part.

love languages

Grit – loved her ted talk but book is ok. Listened to the last 3 chapters

Rising strong by Brene Brown 3/1/19

Styling for Instagram  by Leela Cyd 4/21/19

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 6/5/19 前幾章快快地聽過. 基本上是本好書但是作者敘述的方式和很多用字對我來說太夢幻了, 但她其實非常實際. 要有創意就是不停地創作, 做甚麼都好, 而且不要怕失敗


Homecoming by Beyoncé

RBG – love her style. no drama, no small talk. Also like her mother’s advice, “be a lady. be independent."

Detective Pakachu – 姑姑請客. 弟弟大部分的電影都是在門口看的, 緊張的部分就站在廳外.

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跨年就在與家人親戚聚餐和換地方帶孩子下度過了。沒什麼步入2019年的感覺,台北依舊陰雨,倒是我們四個人午餐後從大安森林公園ㄧ路走到台北101。中途歇腳時牛牛花了30元台幣幫小孩掉到一隻Pokémon Drgonite, 算是好采頭吧 😉

小幫浦開始比我高了,耶誕節本想給她驚喜,照著我自己的尺寸買了她想要的Vans 休閒鞋- 沒想到太小!沒錯,小姑娘的腳比我的大了。


現在不給抱了,但運氣好的時候睡前跟她說晚安會(不情願地)讓我親她的額頭。我喜歡講些沒頭沒腦的話逗到她叫," you are so annoying!"

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