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From "the Arit of Happiness": Transforming Suffering


It (by reflecting on the types of suffering that we are subject to) may help you mentally cope with it (suffering), reduce the fear and so on, but it does not alleviate the problem itself.

….how you perceive life as a whole pays a role in your attitude about suffering. For instance, if your basic outlook is that suffering is negative and must be avoided at all costs and in some sense is a sign of failure, this will add a distinct psychological component of anxiety and intolerance when you encounter difficult circumstances…On the other hand, if you basic outlook accepts that suffering is a natural part of your existence, this will undoubtedly make you more tolerant toward the adversities of life.

.. There is a  possibility of freedom from suffering.


…According to Buddhist thought, the root causes of suffering are ignorance, craving, and hatred…..by generating insight into the true nature of reality and eliminating afflictive state of mind such as craving and hatred, one can achieve a completely purified state of mind, free from suffering. Within in a Buddhist context, when one reflects on the fact that one’s ordinary day-to-day existence is characterized by suffering, this serves to encourage one to engage in the practices that will eliminate the root causes of one’s suffering. Otherwise, if there was no hope, or no possibility of freedom from suffering, mere reflection on suffering just becomes morbid thinking, and would be quite negative.

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from The Art of Happiness: Transforming suffering


In our daily life, problems invariably arise. But problems themselves do not automatically cause suffering. If we can directly address our problem and focus our energies on finding a solution, for instance, the problem can be transformed into a challenge. If we throw into the mix, however, a feeling that our problem is “unfair,” we add an additional ingredient that can become a powerful fuel in creating mental unrest and emotional suffering. And now we no only have 2 problems instead of one, but that feeling of “unfairness” distracts us, consumes us, robs us of the energy needed to solve the original problem.


..They (Tibetans” will attribute it (difficult situations) to negative actions committed in either this or a previous life, and so there is a greater degree of acceptance.


…Karma means “action.” Karma is a very active process. And when we talk of Karma, or action, it is the very action committed by an agent, in this case, ourselves, in the past. So what type of future will come about, to a large extent, lies within our own hands in the present. It will be determined by the kind of initiatives that we take now.

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From “the Art of Happiness”:


In generating compassion, you start by recognizing that you do not want suffering and that you have a right to have happiness. This can be verified or validated by your own experience. You then recognize that other people, just like yourself, also do not want to suffer and that they have a right to have happiness. So this becomes the basis of your beginning to generate compassion.

…for the first three minutes of the meditation, reflect that individual’s suffering in a more analytic way – think about their intense suffering and the unfortunate state of that person’s existence….next, try to relate that to yourself, thinking, “that individual has the same capacity for experiencing pain, joy, happiness, and suffering that I do.” Then, try to allow your natural response to arise – a natural feeling of compassion towards that person. Try to arrive a conclusion: thinking how strongly you wish for that person to be free from that suffering. And resolve that you will help that person to be relived from their suffering. Finally, place your mind single-pointedly on that kind of conclusion or resolution, and for the last few minutes of the meditation try to simply generate your mind in a compassionate or love state.

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傳說中 原本住在地球上的人類是四隻手四隻腳 他們的背與身體型成一個圓形
為了懲罰這樣的無禮 宙斯用雷霆將人類劈成兩半
於是 每一個人類都變成了兩個 
而每個"一半" 從此終其一生地尋覓他們的另一半

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沒有人真的知道什麼是完美的愛, 直到他們結婚了四分之一個世紀
Mark Twain says, "no man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century…"

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JR Pass 買了
跟爸媽 公婆小姑報告了
9/18-9/28 日本:北海道&東北&東京
9/29-10/2 台北, 主要目:探望公婆 陪陪剛動完手術的公公
謝謝采純的建議與提供的網站 幫助很大呢
目前不太確定的是兩天在日本東北要怎麼玩 有經驗的玩家請提供意見囉=D

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