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I started to live mindfully. When people say, “Time flies! Where does time go?" I no longer feel the same, because I know exactly where time goes. I live more deliberately, take in every present moment, and look forward.

I learned about “KonMari" method, which lead me to minimalism, and now it is leading me to meditation.

Through KonMari method, I decluttered 80% of my closet and our house.

Through minimalism, I started to embrace who I am and not the things that I acquire.

Because of our financial situation (and in the same time I discovered minimalism) that we learned to be more creative. We stop acquire stuff, utilize what we have, and enjoy experiences over possessions.

We took train from Los Angeles Union Station to Santa Barbara and spent a night. It was fun and we saw lots of people we don’t usually encounter while traveling on a car.

We traveled to Tokyo and Taiwan in March. We travel to Taiwan and Kyoto in November. Spend lots of time with families and accomplish the things I want to accomplish. I am excited to see my dear one to improve. In the meantime, realizing how important it is to keep my both physical and mental health in check so I can serve my love ones and the society.

I did a social-media cleansing in August.  I realized how many likes we get doesn’t translate a true impact on the society. I un-followed all my friends  on FB. I deleted all the social media apps on my phones (but still download back time to time when I want to share something.)

I learned to stand straight and sit straight.

My coworker lost her husband suddenly. It struck me over and over that how fragile life is and everyday is a gift. I felt her pain and determined I will help her at work – the least I can do.

Through election, I learned sportsmanship. I am still struggling with the result (and even a little scared of the future) but it does spark the interest in me to understand the half of the America that I didn’t understand before.

I sponsored 10 sweet cases through Together We Rise for our Christmas Eve dinner.

My favorite movie was The Minimalism (now streaming on Netflix)

My favorite phrase is “spark joy" (to kids, it’s “I don’t care", especially to N, since he would fight with us every time when we try to help him. :p)

S learned to bike.

N learned to say “I love you so much."


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Word of 2016

Daddy: “rest"

E: “declutter"

S: “multiplication"

N: “wrapping presents at school"


Daddy: “meaning"

E: “mindful"

S: “long division"

N: “Taco Bell" (by him.) “patience"‘(by parents)

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Today’s note

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations"


前天弟弟半夜醒來上廁所,回被窩的時候ㄧ直說,"I want the light on." 這兩天睡前都問我," you leave the bathroom light on?"

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牛牛這兩天去北加出差, 大姑在忙沒辦法像往常一樣來家裡sleepover幫忙. 其實我一個人也可以, 最棘手的是早上上學. 因為小幫浦要趕7:50到學校, 而弟弟磨磨蹭蹭地準備, 很難拉他同時間出門. 平常有牛牛或大姑的時候, 她/他會帶小幫浦上學, 我在家裡幫弟弟準備帶他去preschool.

第一天早上, 因為牛牛還在家能幫忙一下, 勉強地我和兩隻同時間出門. 我和弟弟陪小幫浦到巷口(上一次這麼做是六月牛牛出差的時候, 之後她都堅持要人陪走到學校)之後就騎滑板車去preschool/上班.

下午接了小孩, 在外面吃漢堡 (餐點好的時候是她主動要去拿, 說這樣她才能跟店員要ranch dressing 配薯條), 再一起騎滑板車回家.

晚上的時候小幫浦主動提, “I can go to school by myself tomorrow." 我問, “are you sure?" 她回, “well, I was already doing it half way this morning anyway."

第二天早上, 小幫浦準備好要出門時弟弟也準備好了, 我是可以拉著他一起出門, 但他要看電視. 我又問了一次小幫浦, “you sure you can go by yourself?" 她肯定的回應. 我跟著她走到家門口, “don’t talk to strangers." 明知道這是句很空洞的話,  擔心卻一時想不出來要怎麼告訴她保護自己. “I won’t." 她回.

看著她走, 她一路走, 一路回頭跟我揮手(不知道是說再見還是說不要再看了 XD) 直到看不到為止, 我才回去.

我的小女孩, 一直到五六歲去play date或生日趴, 當小朋友們都玩在一起時還要黏在我身旁, 要我陪著玩, 那時的我看著媽媽們聚在一起聊天好羨慕, 心想不知到甚麼時候能加入她們. 一轉眼, 她自願要走路上學. 也許是她知道我一個人忙不過來, 也許是她覺得準備好了.

I wish I have a way to tell her that, I am so proud of her.

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Teacher: what do you like the most I your trip?

Didi: um…. tv on the plane…Street Fighters.


M: what do you like about our trip?

S: the food, more food, and more food

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從三個星期的假期回來了. 這期間, 收到小幫浦的好朋友T的簡訊說很想她, 收到弟弟的好朋友K的語音說很想他, 收到弟弟的朋友S邀約play date.

今天送完弟弟去學校, 不久就收到K的媽媽寄來照片, 弟弟和K以及另一個好朋友的合照.

很開心孩子們有這些好朋友 🙂

在回來的飛機上, 小幫浦在學昏睡中弟弟的模樣

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